Ana Šket

More about me!

MY ROLE IN LUNCA: siger, responsible for legal issues, also taking care for my boys


PLACE: Šmarje pri Jelšah.

I AM: Law Student at the Faculty of Law, the University of Ljubljana

IN MY FREE TIME: What is free time?

NOT AGAIN: lateness

MY FAVOURITE SONG: Vrni se – waltz.

LUNCA MEANS TO ME: a great opportunity to do what I love and to spend time with

the best boys.


Žiga Deršek

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MY ROLE IN LUNCA: well, there are many of them (laugh). Singer, song-writer,

representative and president of Lunca Cultural Society.

PLACE: Pod Goro Oljko, Paka Walley, Šmartno ob Paki.

I AM: student at the Faculty of Design, Interior Design.

IN MY FREE TIME: Usually, I don’t have free time. But when I do, I sleep, draw, sing,

and write songs, drive, and dream.

NOT AGAIN: impatience

MY FAVOURITE SONG: Zgodba najina

LUNCA MEANS TO ME: personal growth and true friendship, for which it is important

to take some time.


Alen Tilinger

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MY ROLE IN LUNCA: I play the accordion, teach dance and taste all kinds of sweets

or eat leftovers.

PLACE: For the locals in Kunigunda, for the citizens in Celje.

I AM: student at High School Celje.

IN MY FREE TIME: I push buttons.

NOT AGAIN: being awake late into the night.

MY FAVOURITE SONG: Tukaj in zdaj

LUNCA MEANS TO ME: light in the path, where there is no street lamps. Laughter,

carried by the Moon, time with friends in the moonlight and relaxation in its light.


Miha Selič

More about me!

MY ROLE IN LUNCA: guitarist and humorist.

PLACE: Prožinska vas.

I AM: always cheerful student of Economy.

IN MY FREE TIME: I usually hike, go to the mountains, cycle, listen to the music,

play the guitar and do many other things.

NOT AGAIN: carelessness

MY FAVOURITE SONG: Pozabila te bom

LUNCA MEANS TO ME: Time with friends, an opportunity to meet new people and to

gain experience.


Luka Pintarič

More about me!

MY ROLE IN LUNCA: I play the bass, sing and take care for drink and food.

PLACE: Dramlje pri Šentrjurju – Šentjur pri Celju.

I AM: student at the Faculty of Arts – Musicology.

IN MY FREE TIME: I live my dreams.

NOT AGAIN: forgetfulness

MY FAVOURITE SONG: Polka in majolka

LUNCA MEANS TO ME: Making my dreams come true and doing what I love to do. It

is time, spent with my friends with whom I share my memories, experience,

knowledge, happiness and music. Quality, friendliness and innovative approach

mean a lot to me.