• Festival narodnozabavne glasbe Luče 2016 - 3. mesto (Zgodba najina, Preveč je belih rož)
  • Slovenska polka in valček 2016 - 2. mesto za naj polko 2016 (Zgodba najina)
  • Festival Slovenskogoriški klopotec, Cerkvenjak 2015 - 2. mesto, strokovna komisija (Čas hiti, Adijo pa zdrava ostani)
  • Festival narodnozabavne glasbe Luče 2015 - 3. mesto (Čas hiti, Morska pravljica)
  • Števerjan 2015 (Tukaj in zdaj, Morska pravljica)
  • Festival Slovenskogoriški klopotec Cerkvenjak 2014, finale (Samo prijatelja, Roža na vrtu)
  • Srečanje muzikantov Dolga Gora 2014 - 1. mesto, strokovna komisija in 1. mesto, mnenje občinstva (Moja, Pomlad na gorskih stezah)

In Slovenian language, our name, Lun’ca, means the Moon. It is easy to memorize and we are happy to have it. The whole world of Oberkrainer music and many other Slovenian musicians praise the Moon. They say that the Moon has magical power and we believe that our band also has some kind of it.

Members of our band are ambitious students, who know how to put knowledge into action. Alen is responsible for our web page, Ana takes care of our legal affairs, Luka is responsible for music and performance quality, Miha arranges accounting documents, and Žiga takes care of organization, arranges our concerts and is responsible for our public image. We are grateful for our talents and skills and we will try to develop them in the future.

We know basic rules of Oberkrainer music, but we do not want to follow all of them, consequently, our songs are a bit different than traditional Oberkrainer songs. Our goal is to create something new and unique and our aim is to develop Oberkrainer music that is combined with elements of pop and rock. The majority of our songs is written by our members Žiga and Luka.

We wear national costume only in our hearts, since we are dressed in clothes of our friend and designer, David Hojnik – DH fashion. We are grateful for working with him.

Well, why else are we different? Because our youngest and shortest member, Alen, has the deepest voice, because our singer, Ana, wears high hills all night, because our singer, Žiga, writes melodies that are easy to remember, because our Miha makes people laugh so hard they cry and because our Luka always knows how to convince us that he is not at fault. We are best friends, who grow, explore the world and overcome obstacles together.